Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities

We are currently accepting Exhibitor and Sponsorship reservations for WoundCon 2022 events.

We have been thrilled with the response and business results from WoundCon, which continues to mount strong clinical content, attract a growing and diverse attendee base, and provide an excellent forum for the latest ideas and clinical best practices in wound care. The WoundCon team is also incredibly responsive, organized and focused on ensuring that the exhibitor’s commercial goals are achieved. We are proud to be part of the WoundCon program and look forward to each event to help to further achieve our business objectives.

Rob Sandler


The WoundCon Difference

Sponsors and Exhibitors receive actionable marketing data to convert their leads into sales based on attendee engagement within the virtual conference including media views and downloads, chat reporting, and participation data from your booth activities and programs.

By exhibiting at WoundCon, you’re not just receiving a list of attendees, you’re making lasting connections with customers. Your team can focus its time closing business instead of project managing a complex event.

Benefits of Participating in WoundCon

Unlike other conferences, WoundCon makes exhibiting easy for you. Here are the benefits of exhibiting that you’ll only receive at WoundCon:

  • Ready-To-Use Promotional Material: Custom promotion graphics and invitations for you to provide to your sales team
  • Full Support in Planning: Full series of helpful guides, including exclusive tips for booth planning, chatting with attendees, follow-up, promotion, and more
  • White Glove Booth Buildout: Our team can create your graphics and assist with content strategy
  • Standby Assistance: On call exhibitor assistance on the live day
  • Easy Conversation: You can directly message a booth visitor as soon as they enter the booth
  • Straightforward Reporting: Easy to view, sort and upload your lead report to your CRM
  • Helpful Recap and Recommendations: Recap meeting to discuss how you can start follow-up with your new leads
  • Easily Engage with Booth Attendees: Full chat log for you to easily pick up conversations where you left off

WoundCon Exhibitor Prospectus

Exhibitor Testimonials

“WoundCon is by far the leader in wound care conferences.”

“WoundCon has done it the best! Not only the different functionalities, but the look and experience.”

“The extent of the booth metrics and the speed of post-show report delivery were better than was expected.”

“What you have done for WoundCon Spring and Summer is unprecedented and the other conferences need to catch up.”

“WoundCon is the best virtual conference we’ve done and a really great experience. You guys have set the bar for all other online conferences.”

“WoundCon can’t be compared to other shows – so much better.”

“The WoundCon conference features are much better for driving attendance than other virtual conferences.”

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